TimeOut New York, October 2018

“We love nothing more than watching Kelly Cooper's descents into madness, and her latest narrative variety show promises some high wire leaps. Join the canny talent as she plays a too-raw news reporter gone rogue. She's joined by Sara Hennessey, Simple Town, Joey Dundale and Caroline Yost for a hilarious night of sketches, videos and vicious microphone grabs.”

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‘THE DRAMEDIANS’ at the Brick Theater (Aug. 17, 9:30 p.m.). In this new satirical and autobiographical play, which debuts on Friday, Kelly Cooper and Maya Sharma play two self-proclaimed pioneers of dramedy who create a play, which is very meta. A tragic yet funny incident involving the death of a dog has a huge impact on their lives, the fourth wall is broken and that fine line between laughter and sadness is blurred.